Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training Program

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Connected Warriors Teacher Training (CWTT) – Mission

CWTT’s mission is to provide each student a comprehensive understanding of Hatha Yoga, anatomy and physiology, the inter-relationship between the body mind and trauma, the skills and tools to design and facilitate Trauma-Conscious Yoga classes.

Connected Warriors Teacher Training – Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is to build a strong foundation and understanding of the mind body connection incorporating the practice of Hatha yoga and self-awareness of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. We teach our students to apply Connected Warriors Trauma-Conscious philosophy “Meet your students where they are” with the use of appropriate verbal and physical guidance. The training supports each student’s development of their personal practice and mind body connection so they can teach in a confident and organized manner.

Teacher Training Program

Connected Warriors’ goal is to provide yoga teaching certification programs to servicemembers and veterans so they can teach servicemembers, veterans and their families in the community and on military facilities. Our program is currently remote with a combined curriculum that is online, self study, live over zoom and 1-2 in person retreat sessions.

This program is available to Connected Warriors Elevated Warriors and other Connected Warriors students.


1. Lecture – 120 Hours

2. Self-practice – minimum of 3 times a week

3. Self-practice – daily meditation practice

4. Observation – 25 Hours

5. Assisting – 25 Hours

6. Homework and outside reading – 30 Hours

7. Individual practice teaching videos and teaching live over zoom

8. Two (2) public teachings – The Inner Strength and a self-created vinyasa flow.

9. Eighteen months from graduation date to complete all requirements for certification.